photo of manx field


Vango 2 Sleeping Pod

Vango Diablo 600

  • Massive 6-person tent – designed to sleep 6, but typically provided by us for a group of 4 people, to allow extra space for storage and comfortable living
  • 2 separate bedrooms for privacy
  • Great for families and groups

This has a huge capacity and will have everyone sleeping in perfect comfort. The porch, which is great for storing your stuff, has a skylight and side door, and the ground sheet is sewn into the living area for comfort. It has windows with curtains and provides extremely comfortable living accommodation.

  • A high Quality Performance Tent
  • Fully sealed living and sleeping areas
  • A very roomy tent


Vango 3 Sleeping Pod

Vango Diablo 900

  • Huge 9-person Vango tent – but typically provided by us for a group of 6 people to allow extra space for storage of luggage and comfortable living.
  • 3 separate bedrooms
  • Great for large groups

The ultimate in camping luxury, this tent has 3 bedrooms, a very spacious living area. On top of that a porch and awning let you enjoy the day and store all your stuff. It has taped seams and a hydrostatic head of 3000mm for excellent waterproof protection. The inner tents are fully sealed breathable fabric with mesh ventilation. The windows have curtains and the tent is packed with thoughtful features.


Vango Idaho

Vango Colorado

The Vango Idaho tent combines comfortable sleeping areas with large living space.

This tent is designed to accommodate up to 5 people – we would typically provide it for groups of 2 or 3.
It is spacious and durable, and reliable and provides lots of storage space.  With a sewn in ground sheet providing total climate protection, and ‘Crystal Clear’ windows with curtains which allow maximum light into the tent. The porch has a twin ventilation and a new riser groundsheet for additional comfort and adaptability.

  • Simply a fab high quality tent for couple’s and smaller groups